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Janice Cooke

Research scientist
University of Alberta
Department of Biological Sciences
CW405 Biological Sciences Building
Edmonton AB T6G 2E9

Phone : (780) 492-0412
Fax : (780) 492-9234
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Research Interests

Janice Cooke is an assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta.  She began her career in forest tree biology in 1989, and since that time has worked at research institutions in British Columbia, Washington State, Alberta, Florida, and Québec.

Dr. Cooke’s research programme seeks to understand the molecular mechanisms that play important roles in how forest trees respond to environmental cues, and how these responses condition tree growth and adaptation.  Currently, her group is investigating the molecular basis of budset, seasonal nitrogen cycling, and nitrogen resource utilization in forest tree species, including white spruce and poplar.  Budset and seasonal nitrogen cycling are critical adaptations associated with the acquisition of dormancy that enable perennial plants such as forest trees to survive Canada’s winters.  These two processes are also important determinants of growth and yield.  Dr. Cooke’s research aims to characterize cellular and metabolic events that constitute these biological phenomena, and to identify genes that direct these processes.  Her group employs a diverse suite of experimental approaches in these investigations, including genomics, physiology, biochemistry, and classical molecular biology.


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