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Jean Beaulieu

Research Scientist
Natural Resources Canada
Laurentian Forestry Centre
1055 du P.E.P.S.
P.O. Box 10380 Succ Sainte-Foy
Quebec, QC, G1V 4C7

Phone : (418) 648-5823
Fax : (418) 648-5849
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Research Interests

Jean Beaulieu is a forest geneticist who conducts research activities related to quantitative genetics, population genetics and forest genomics. In quantitative genetics, his main interests are on the estimation on genetic control of wood properties of spruces and their interrelationships to help tree breeders devise best breeding strategies. In population genetics, his research aims at understanding how the actual population structure was shaped by historical events and delineating guidelines for the conservation of genetic resources. Concerning his research activities in forest genomics, they aim at developing marker-assisted selection for wood traits in order to facilitate use of these traits as selection criteria in tree breeding programs.


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