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Jeffrey Dean

Research scientist
The University of Georgia
0241 C A G T

Phone : (706) 542-1710
Fax : (706) 542-8356
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Research Interests

Research in my laboratory currently spans four general areas.

Pine Genomics.  We are interested in using transcriptional profiling approaches to understanding pine development and response to the environment. We led a collaborative effort to catalog and made publicly available DNA sequence information for nearly 175,000 expressed sequence tags (ESTs) from loblolly pine. These sequences are being used to produce cDNA microarrays that can be used for conifer gene expression studies

Arabidopsis Multicopper Oxidases (Laccases). A long running in my laboratory seeks to identify the physiological function(s) in plants for all gene family members encoding a group of copper-dependent phenoloxidases commonly known as laccases. This work is focused on systematically knocking out each of the 17 laccase-like multicopper oxidase (LMCO) genes in Arabidopsis thaliana, and then characterizing the basis for the resulting phenotypes.

Phytoremediation. Plants have great potential as active agents in the clean up of environmental sites contaminated with organic wastes and heavy metals. We are using functional genomic techniques to study the changes in gene expression that occur when plants encounter these compounds in their environment.

Longleaf Pine Ecosystem Restoration. We are working with a variety of organizations interested in restoring longleaf habitat in the southeastern US. Our role will be to develop genetic tools and molecular markers that can be used to analyze and monitor genetic diversity in populations of plants and animals endemic to this unique ecosystem.


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