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John MacKay

Centre de recherche en biologie forestière
Charles-Eugène-Marchand Building, Office #2165
Université Laval
Québec, Québec
Canada, G1K 7P4

Phone : (418) 656-2278
Fax : (418) 656-7493
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Research Interests

John MacKay is an associate professor in the department of wood and forest sciences, at Laval University. His main research focus is wood formation and the genetics of wood properties in forest trees. He develops and applies functional genomics research approaches to investigate these issues. Dr MacKay’s research program integrates several approaches to investigate the genetic and molecular basis of secondary xylem physiology and structure, including large-scale EST sequencing, custom cDNA microarray development, gene expression profiling, the functional analysis of genes that regulate wood properties, the genetic variation of wood properties and gene expression in natural populations of trees.

He has lead the Arborea project (2002-2006) and co-lead Arborea II (2006-2010) funded by Genome Canada and Genome Québec. From 2000 to 2005, he has authored 16 peer-reviewed publications, one book chapter in genetics and genomics of forest trees, given 12 invited lectures, authored 45 talks and poster presentations at international, national and regional scientific meetings.


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