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Martin Perron

Research Scientist
Direction de la recherche forestière, MRNF
2700, rue Einstein, bureau B1.100
Québec, QC, G1P 3W8

Phone : 643-7994 ext. 6547
Fax : (418) 643-2165
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Research Interests

Research scientist for the Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune du Québec (MRNF– Q) since 2001 and located at Scientist Complex. Bachelor degree in Biology (1993, Université de Sherbrooke) and Ph. D. in Forest science (1999, Université Laval). Since 2001, he is lecturer at Laval university (Genetic diversity and tree breeding).

His principal interests of research are natural and artificial trees hybridizations. Currently, he is responsible for the program of genetic improvement of the larches (native and introduced), as well as the expert in molecular breeding with the MRNF- Q. He undertakes at present a genetic study of the principal characters of juvenile wood in the tamarak (Larix laricina [Du Roi ] K. Koch). Moreover, he contributes to work in floral biology having for objective to produce hybrid larch (Larix X marschlinsii Coaz.) on a large scale by controled crossing under green house. He is chair of the Steering Committee of Larix 2007: International Symposium of the IUFRO Working Group S2.02.07.


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