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Nathalie Isabel

Research scientist
Natural Resources Canada - Canadian Forest Service
P.O. Box 3800
1055 PEPS
Québec, Quebec
Canada, G1V 4C7

Phone : (418) 648-7137
Fax : (418) 648-5849
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Research Interests

Research scientist for Natural Resources Canada since 1995 and located at its Laurentides forestry center facilities (CFL). Bachelor degree in forestry (1988, Laval U.). M.Sc in Forestry (1991, Laval U.) and Ph.D. in forest science (1995, Laval U.). She is adjunct professor and research associate of the Canada Research Chair in Forest and Environmental Genomics at Laval University.

She is a member of the molecular breeding and evolutionary research program team. A strong emphasis of her work is currently being made on the development of molecular markers of candidate genes in several tree species (especially conifers). The detailed genetics maps assembled from those markers can then be put to great use in breeding programs as they can facilitate the tracking of adaptative and economic traits such as embryogenic capacity in somatic embryogenesis. Her team is also involved in the development of new methods for the estimation of genetic diversity among different tree species as well as in the study of gene flow between exotic and native tree species.


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