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Philippe Rigault

Research scientist
Centre de Génomique de Québec
Centre de Recherche du CHUL
2795, Boul.Laurier, Bureau 250
Québec, QC, G1V 4M7

Phone : (418) 656-4141 ext. 46332
Fax : (418) 654-2206
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Research Interests

The bioinformatics research program covers several fields of genomics. In gene expression analysis, the focus is on novel methods for microarray annotation and statistical analysis of expression profiles, oligonucleotide selection and the design of DNA microarrays. The other research emphasis is on database integration and knowledge management, algorithms for sequence alignment and annotation, as well as the creation of an integrated computing and analysis environment for bioinformatics embodied by a customized user-friendly and powerful GNU/Linux distribution.


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